Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tea Party

Hello All,
It has been my mother's dream to host her very own tea party and she finally hosted one on Saturday. 

The invitation:

The decor:

~ Our Menu ~

Assorted Tea
Shortbread Cookies
Chicken, Turkey, and Ham finger sandwiches
Miniature Quiche
Salmon Dip w/Water Crackers
Lemon Pound Cake

The invitation asked that everyone have on semi formal attire; hats and gloves were preferred, but not required. Check out the ladies as they arrived; they looked fierce!!

Me and my sister - we were my mother's little helpers

Check out the close ups of their hats and gloves!!

The invitation also asked that guests bring a teacup or teapot that reflected their personality for a gift exchange. The game we played was called The Tea Party Left/Right Game. 

Check out the teacups and teapots we received in the gift exchange:

All the ladies had a wonderful time and were just so happy to participate in a tea party. 

Before I go, here is a little tea party etiquette we learned that day. Enjoy and I hope you host a tea party yourself one day. 

~ Always and Never ~

* After stirring, always place the teaspoon on your saucer.
* Pass dishes to the right if at a table or in a formal circle.
* Once flatware is used, it should never touch the table.
* After adding spread to sliced scones, never reassemble like sandwiches.
* Never jiggle a tea bag to speed steeping process - it doesn't.
* Always leave the tea bag in the pot and put folded wrappers next to the tea    pot.
* Never put the tea bag on your saucer; this will cause a drippy cup.
* Never drain tea bag by wrapping the sting around a spoon.
* Always hold a saucer with its cup in your left hand. Rest sauce on four fingers, with thumb resting on the rim of your saucer.
* Serve iced tea (not ice tea) in a tall glass on a saucer or small bread-and-butter plate with long iced teaspoon at the outer right of flatware. After using the spoon, place it on the saucer. If there is no saucer, never place the spoon on the table.
* Keep the spoon in your glass in the far side from your face by bracing it with your index finger and holding the glass with the rest of your finger while you drink.
* NEVER RAISE YOUR LITTLE FINGER!! (most of us were guilty of this LOL)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cheryl's Bracelet Bar

Hello Everyone!!!
I just had to get on here and blog about my new find. With help from my cousin Stacey, I was able to find some amazing new bracelets. I have been trying to find bracelets like these for a while now WITHOUT the David Yurman price tag. Don't get me wrong I MIGHT get a designer bracelet one day, but I am sold on Cheryl's Bracelet Bar for sure!!! Check out all the bracelets I purchased.

Please visit Cheryl's Bracelet Bar on Instagram to check out all her bracelets. Men, she does bracelets for you too!! I will be getting some customized for my husband soon. She also does bracelet parties. You can contact her at to place orders or organize a bracelet party.