Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby Shower

Hello Everyone!!!

Yes, it has been a while since my last post, as my sister reminded me yesterday on Twitter! So, I'm stopping in to share some details about our baby shower. It was great! My mother, sister, Aunt Keyanna, and friend Stephanie planned the shower for us. 

Top left to right: Jeanie (mom) and me, Joliza (sister) and me
Bottom left to right: Aunt Keyanna and me, Stephanie and me
We had a coed shower; the men seemed to enjoy themselves so that was good. Most of the people attending the shower were from out of town. We were so grateful that they would travel so far to come celebrate the new addition to our family with us. I think my friend Brittany traveled the farthest distance from Miami, Florida. The second farthest distance was traveled by those coming from all over North Carolina and they made up the majority of attendees. Again, we really appreciated everyone's presence.

Brittany coming in from Miami, Florida

Shower activities.....

We played games, ate, and opened gifts - short and sweet! We played some games to include - How Big is Mommy to Be, The Price is Right, Listen for the Nursery Rhyme within the jazz music, and Word Puzzles. We had some great food too - mini chicken salad sandwiches, wraps, wings, cheese and cracker platter, and fruit platter. 

The desserts were yummy! My mother made all the sweets - Teddy Bear cake (yellow), cupcakes (carrot) - my fave, teddy bear shaped shortbread cookies, and her Blue "Drank". 

We received a lot of wonderful gifts....

AND my husband even surprised me with gifts, which included some outfits and toys for Jonathan and a spa day and jewelry for me!!! 

AND!!!! Check out the gifts my crafty friends and family made. 

Baby shower pin by Stephanie
Diaper Cake w/ First Aid Kit by Stephanie

Baby blanket by Cynthia Terry

Aren't they so nice?!

Overall, we had an awesome shower and with the love and support from all of our family and friends we are definitely prepared for the arrival of little Jonathan! 

6 weeks left.... CAN'T WAIT!!! Check ya later.