Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brittany's New Hairdo

Hello All,
My friend Brittany went to the salon to get more color in her hair!!! I'm still afraid to color my hair, but it definitely looks good on her. First, she went in to get highlights and a braid out. Here are the results:

Then she went back and got her roots colored only on the front half of her hair. She did not get the back colored because her beautician said it could start breaking off becaue she pulls her hair up so much. Here are the results:

You may be wondering.....

What is her hair type?

What product did they use?
Boing Curling Creme

How does her hair feel after using that product and having the color put in?

How long did the braid out style last?
Two days.

How long did the twist out style last?
She got it done on Sunday (it is Thursday) and it is still holding up nicely. She was worried the curls would be flat in the mornings, so she re-twists her hair before bed.  

Thanks for sharing Brittany!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!! Today was a great day, we got up and went to 8 A.M. service. We had a great message today about the Resurrection. After church, we went to breakfast at IHOP with the family. We were all tired, so we went home and played with Blue for a little bit and then took a nap. We then made our way over to my parents house where we had Easter dinner...Ham, Baked Chicken, Salmon, Potato Salad, Peas and Rice, Deviled Eggs, Collard Greens, Hot Cross Buns, Apple Pie a la mode, and Pound Cake...YUMMY!!! I still feel like my stomach is going to pop as I write this. Anyway, traditionally in Bermuda for Easter everyone makes their own kites and then fly them. If you decide to make your own kite, please do not be alarmed, the kite will get busted up a bit. They make the kites out of tissue paper. My mother made my sister a kite this year. Check it out!

We weren't working with much wind, however, here is a video of her trying to fly the kite.

How did you spend your Easter?